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What is a BPS Denture?

BPS-Biofunctional Prosthetic System (BPS) is a system that is the culmination of years of research in denture materials, as well as denture procedures. By using precision equipment to take exact measurements from the patient's face, as well as their mouth, allows for correct tooth placement in the denture process. In using the refined denture materials an extremely accurate fit and superior esthetics are achieved. The combination of accurate measurements and refined materials result in a denture made at the highest standard.

Complete Dentures

BPS Esthetic Precision
 A BPS certified denture featuring Nano Hybrid Composite teeth, using the latest technologies to produce the maximum wear resistance for the most demanding indications. Age specific molds produce outstanding esthetics for true to nature results.

BPS Precision
 Our entry level BPS certified denture features pearl effect anterior denture teeth and microfilled composite plastic posterior teeth.

 Our precision denture borrows from some of the important procedures of BPS combined with an all acrylic denture tooth to provide an accurate, yet economical alternative.

"Provisional" or your "First Dentures"

Provisional dentures are made for people who still have some teeth to extract. Before having those teeth extracted we take impressions of their mouth and process a denture from this impression. When the dentist is finished removing the remaining teeth he or she inserts the denture to give that person a new full set of teeth. The denture acts as a bandage, keeping the extraction sites clean and free of food. Over the following six months after surgery, temporary liners will be placed into the denture to compensate for any changes inside the mouth. After 6-9 months of healing time these dentures may have to be replaced or at the very least relined.

Implant Secured

This is a a denture that is fitted over the top of a custom made metal bar or is fitted over locator implant parts. In either of these scenarios the denture/s is then attached to multiple implants integrated into the bone of the jaw. The denture contains clips that snap onto the bar or locators, providing excellent retention and stability. Latest statistics show success rates in the high 90% rate. The actual surgery for the implant placement is referred to an oral surgeon whom specializes in such procedures. We recommend a free consultation to educate yourself on the different kinds of implants, sizes of implants and options you may have available to you.

Partial Dentures

Metal Frame Partial:
All of our metal framed partials are custom cast to our specifications for superb fit and finish. Then the tooth of your choice is placed on the frame here in our own lab.

Flexible Partials:
As an exciting alternative to metal framed partials we feature a totally flexible yet durable partial. These partials feature further esthetic qualities, such as hidden clasps and a more comfortable fit.
Flexible Hybrid Partial:
A flexible partial with a metal based frame within the flexible material. For those whom need an even more durable alternative, due to strength of bite.
Temporary Partial:
Also known as a flipper, is used when only a few teeth are missing. It is for short term use and is usually worn only until a more permanent solution can be attained.

Additional Services


Should you have a poor fitting denture but it is still in good condition, it can, in most cases, have a new layer of material placed in it. This allows the denture to be refit to any changes that might have occurred in your mouth. Relines can, in most cases, be completed in one day.


Soft-liners are a silicone based material that is processed to the tissue side of a lower denture. Because of its flexible nature, this material allows your denture to engage any undercuts that form in the bone structure of your lower jaw anatomy. Soft-liners also provide a certain level of cushion against most normal biting forces. Soft-liners can be added to any level of denture, even an existing denture that may need to be relined. This is a great option for those with little bone structure remaining in their lower jaw.


Repairs can usually be completed the same day they are brought in to us. If an impression is needed it may take a little longer. Please inquire within for prices and time to complete due to extensive variation case by case.