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If you’re missing all of your natural teeth on your upper or lower jaw and would like to restore your smile, full dentures are for you. At Hansen Denture Center in Bellingham, Washington, Anthony J. Hansen, LD, provides affordable and convenient dental care with the goal of giving you the most natural-looking set of custom full dentures possible to complete your picture-perfect smile. To smile confidently once again with the use of full dentures, call the office today or book your appointment online.

Custom Full Dentures Q & A

What are full dentures?

Full dentures are dentures that replace all of your natural teeth on your upper or lower jaw. Dr. Hansen makes your full dentures by taking impressions of your mouth to determine the exact size and shape you’d like for your prosthetic teeth.

The multiple benefits of having full dentures include:

  • Restoring your self-confidence
  • Improving your quality of life
  • Removable so easier to clean and brush
  • Improving your speech and chewing ability
  • Most noninvasive option to restore your smile 

If you’ve lost the majority of your teeth, Hansen Denture Center provides cost-effective full denture treatment options. It’s best to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Hansen and his staff to see if full dentures can benefit you.

What are the different types of custom full dentures?

Hansen Denture Center offers three types of full dentures.

BPS® Esthetic Precision

These state-of-the-art dentures feature nano-hybrid composite teeth and use the latest technologies to produce the maximum wear resistance. BPS Esthetic Precision dentures are also custom-made to be age specific for truly natural results.

BPS® Precision

This denture has microfilled composite plastic posterior teeth and features a pearl effect on your anterior denture teeth.


This is the most economical denture available. It’s sturdy and provides accurate results. The material Dr. Hansen uses to make these is acrylic.

How are full dentures made and fitted?

The first step towards getting full dentures is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hansen and his denture staff. They’ll examine your mouth, order X-rays, and make sure you’re a good candidate for full dentures.

Dr. Hansen then sits down with you to show you the options you have for the color and size of your denture teeth.

Once you’ve both agreed on your full dentures, he takes impressions of your teeth and has his in-house laboratory associates make your dentures. Once your full dentures are ready, you’ll come back to Hansen Denture Center so Dr. Hansen can fit you with your new dentures.

Are you missing most or all of your teeth on your upper or lower jaw? If so, full dentures are an excellent option to replace them. Call Hansen Denture Center today or book your appointment online.