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According to the American College of Prosthodontists, roughly 120 million Americans are missing at least one tooth. At Hansen Denture Center in Bellingham, Washington, Anthony J. Hansen, LD, can help restore your smile with partial dentures, which fill in the gaps created by your missing teeth. To help restore your appearance and teeth using partial dentures, call the office today or book your appointment online.

Partial Dentures Q & A

What are partial dentures?

Partial dentures help restore the structure of your mouth, enhance your smile by filling in the missing gaps, and keep your remaining natural teeth from shifting.

Your partial dentures consist of replacement teeth attached to a gum-colored plastic base. These dentures have clasps that wrap around your natural teeth to ensure they don’t fall out.

What are the different types of partial dentures?

Hansen Denture Center offers the following partial dentures:

Metal frame

As the most common type of partial denture, this option consists of replacement teeth on a metal frame. Because these are made of metal, they tend to last the longest out of all the partial denture options.


Flexible partial dentures don’t contain metal. They’re aesthetically pleasing and the most comfortable since they look highly realistic and have hidden clasps.

Flexible hybrid

These are perfect for people who have a strong bite because the flexible partial has a metal-based frame, making it a great choice.


Temporary partial dentures are also known as flippers. They’re best for short-term use and worn only until Dr. Hansen and his staff make a more permanent set of partial dentures.

What are the advantages of partial dentures?

Partial dentures have multiple advantages, including:

  • Additional teeth may be added to your denture over time
  • Less invasive than other tooth replacement options
  • Can be easier to adapt to

The best way to determine if partial dentures are right for you is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Hansen.

How do I ensure my partial dentures last a long time?

Your partial dentures can last 10 years. The steps to taking care of your partial dentures begin with removing and brushing them daily with a soft bristle toothbrush. Additionally, use the denture cleaner Dr. Hansen recommends, as regular toothpaste damages your dentures.

Before you go to bed, make sure to soak your dentures in lukewarm water. If you don’t do this, they dry up and lose their proper shape, rendering them uncomfortable and ineffective.

If you still have some of your natural teeth and would like to fill in the gaps caused by missing teeth, partial dentures could be right for you. Call Hansen Denture Center today or schedule your appointment online.